Get a more sculpted bottom for summer (part two)

In last week’s post, we described the group of muscles responsible for giving you a shapely bottom and the role each of them plays. After all, the key to a toned rear starts with knowing your glutes.

It is important to remember that it’s possible to tone your bottom at any point in the day, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. If you have a job that keeps you desk-bound make sure you go for a walk during your breaks or at lunch.

And while you’re walking, try to tone your bottom by consciously contracting your glutes. To do this, keep your heel on the ground as long as you can and when you do lift it, roll through to your foot and push off with your toes.

It sounds obvious, but try to stand more. The glutes can actually atrophy if you sit all day long, and one of the biggest killers on the bottom is the amount of time that people spend sitting at the office, before plopping down on the sofa at night in front of the television. If you are organising a meeting why not have it standing? It is a good alternative and chances are it will be shorter!

There are other small changes we can make in our everyday too. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Park further away so you have to walk more. Bike to work… seek out potential opportunities to exercise in your everyday.

Yep. All well and good, but will it help me shift my cellulite out?

Remember, cellulite is just fat stored under the skin. And as those fat cells increase in size, this structural abnormality begins to become visible on the surface of the skin, leaving indentations. The answer is: yes, you can get rid of it. But you need to exercise, rethink your diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
The Slendertone Bottom Toner works the same way our body does when exercising by replicating bottom-toning exercises like squats to tone, shape and lift your bottom area. But don’t just take our word for it… check out . Her before and after pictures speak for themselves. If she can do it, you can too!

Check out this video as well for more brilliant exercise suggestions to help tone your bottom from Jarod Chapman – you can easily give them a try in the privacy of your own home!

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