How to start a new fitness regime and stick with it

Even with the best intentions, establishing a long term, sustainable fitness regime that really works for you can be tricky.

We spoke to Slendertone Ambassador and personal trainer Phoebe Robinson-Galvin to hear her top tips on how to make the switch to a healthier, more active lifestyle – for good.

Integrate Connect into your everyday

A wholesome diet, a healthy mind-body connection and physical fitness are the building blocks of good health. We all know this, but that doesn’t prevent everyday life and busy schedules getting in the way of workout and weight loss goals.

The great thing about Slendertone Connect is that it can also be worn at any time and anywhere. So wear your belt next time you head to the shops or take the dog for a walk. Not only will you be powering through your to-do list, but you’ll be working on your core too.

Plan ahead

It’s a fact of life that things will often get hectic; but a little bit of planning for the busy day ahead will help minimalize stress and ensure that you stay in the driving seat.

For example, if you know you’re going to be running around all day then make sure you have something nourishing to graze on. Pack yourself a healthy lunch and some on-the-go snacks the night before, like a grilled chicken salad plus a handful of dried apricots or cashew nuts for extra energy. The better you eat, the more your body will crave good, nutritious food.

Try to pre-book an exercise class you know makes you feel good such as yoga or spinning to help clear your head at the end of a busy day – you’ll be less likely to bail if you’ve already paid and booked. For extra incentive, why not invite a friend to come along to the class with you? If you make the commitment to someone else, you won’t want to let them down.

A rested, well-nourished body is key

To really get the most out of your new regime, you need plenty of energy and a body that’s functioning at its optimum. Sleeping seven to eight hours a night and eating a variety of nutritionally dense food will help ensure you start each day feeling fully rested, recharged and ready for the challenges ahead.

Start with realistic goals and then push yourself

Set yourself daily or weekly challenges that will allow you to track your progress and monitor your improvement. For example, if you completed ten push-ups one day, aim to achieve fifteen the next. Or if your latest run was for thirty minutes, make sure the next one lasts thirty-five.

To spur yourself on, it’s a good idea to document your progress by uploading pictures of yourself to the Connect app – there’s no better motivation than seeing your hard work pay off as your body gradually becomes leaner and more toned.