50 Years Experience

Cutting-edge technology

Pioneers of EMS Body Toning Devices

Slendertone body toning and strengthening devices are designed with passion and expertise at our headquarters in the west coast of Ireland. Historically used solely by medical professionals to repair and rehabilitate damaged muscles, our team at Slendertone pioneered the use of EMS technology in personal wellness products, developing a range of consumer-friendly devices that tone and firm the muscles of the body.

Using cutting-edge technology, our visionary team of product engineers and R&D experts spend thousands of hours developing and testing each of our products, to ensure they effectively meet your body toning needs. 

Clinical Research

We have conducted extensive independent clinical research on our range of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) products for over 50 years. We conduct strict clinical trials with experts in the field of Sports Science which uniquely allows us to independently validate the quality of our products and prove their effectiveness on muscle toning & conditioning. We are the first EMS technology brand to conduct continued research and development to ensure that we produce some of the world’s most technically advanced products.


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Increased abdominal


Increased abdominal


Increased abdominal


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Increased abdominal


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