What makes Slendertone the best abs belt on the market?

We’ve always believed that our cutting-edge EMS technology and patented designs make our toning belts the best in the business, but don’t just take our word for it. This is what makes Slendertone the most effective and essential abs training accessory on the market.

Designed for comfort, convenience and busy lifestyles, so that you can tone anywhere and anytime

Our training belts are design with comfort and convenience at the forefront, so that you can squeeze a toning session easily into the busiest workday or family weekend.

The slimline design of our compression belts allows you to discreetly tone wherever you are.

Slendertone user Rowly, for example, tones during his commute, while Elizabeth prefers to wear her belt when cooking or doing chores.

Because our belts are specifically designed to keep the gel pads in full contact with the body, you can even use them to enhance core exercises and light workouts.

Our abs belts are compact and lightweight too (Slendertone Connect weighs just 192g). This means that you can take one anywhere, including on holidays and city escapes without sacrificing valuable packing space.

We have the research to prove we’re the best

We like to brag about our abs belts being the best, but we like to prove every claim too by publishing the results of independent clinical trials on our products.

Here are a few of our favourite Slendertone stats* with testimony from more real Slendertone users.


Users who reported firmer, more toned abs from 6 weeks with significant results from 4 weeks.

Our real users outside of these tests not only experienced tighter abs, but higher body confidence as well.

Rowly stated: “My abs are much firmer and my general body confidence is as if I’m in my 20s again.”

72% and 49%

Average increase in both abdominal endurance and abdominal strength experienced by users from 4 weeks.

These strides in strength and stamina are also apparent in our most recent real user stories. Antoine, for example, boosted his plank endurance by an amazing 2 minutes and 4 seconds, from 34 secs to 2 mins 38 secs.

Even endurance athlete and ultra-runner Carel bolstered his plank exercise endurance time by 1 min 32 secs after 6 weeks with Slendertone.

New mum Elizabeth also benefited from some remarkable leaps in core strength.

“Immediately after my caesarean, I couldn’t even sit up in bed unassisted,” she said.

“The first week of my Slendertone programme, I tried sit-ups but could only manage crunches. Week 5, I’m delighted that I was able to complete 3 rounds of 12 sit-ups.”


Average waist size reduction experienced by users from 8 weeks.

Outside of our clinical trials real users Rowly and Elizabeth lost an incredible 10cm (4 inches) off their waistlines after their 6-week programmes.

“I wouldn’t have believed that in just 6 weeks I’d be back to my pre-pregnancy size with only healthy eating, moderate exercise and using the Slendertone belt,” added Elizabeth.


Users who reported improved posture from 4 weeks.

Outside these trials, real user Joanne said: “I’m less body conscious, my core and back are improving in strength and my endurance levels are better than they were 6 weeks ago.”

Uniquely engineered to engage more muscles

The positioning of the gels pads and the power of our electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology make it possible to effectively tone all 4 abdominal muscles.

The hydrogel pads are positioned above the nerves which engage these essential muscles so that we can make every contraction and abs training session count.

The belt’s 50Hz electrical signal frequency, which has been proven to deliver the best muscle training results in independent clinical trials*, also makes it possible to tone the deep transversus abdominis. This muscle helps reduce your waistline by tightening-up your tummy.

This makes Slendertone Abs7 250% more powerful than Sixpad® Abs Fit, which only provides 20Hz of power.

Slendertone is the perfect gift and an essential accessory for enhancing your healthy lifestyle

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*Dr John Porcari, et al., 2005. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 4 (1): 66-75.