Urban triathlon: getting fit with our 9-to-5 abs belt champions

Read how the amazing results of one abs belt user inspired the creation of a unique urban challenge.

Our inspirational journey started last autumn

Back in October, Rowly told us that he wanted to start using Slendertone to get more active and lose his ‘tummy tyre’. 6 weeks later he starred in our latest television campaign, having lost a remarkable 10kg in weight, improved his plank endurance by 1 min 37 secs and tightened his waist size by 10cm.

Inspired by these amazing results, Rowly soon started his second abdominal training programme and began to plot how he could encourage his colleagues to get fit, have fun and look and feel incredible.

Training for a triathlon tailored for busy weeks

As co-founder of London-based innovators Rezonance, Rowly understands that those working weeks can easily derail your exercise goals. That’s when the concept of the ‘urban tri’ was born: training for 3 different disciplines (yoga, spin and HIIT) which are convenient and accessible for busier schedules.

Rowly soon booked 4 weeks of exercise classes at Another_Space and created the rules for his urban tri:

  • 45 mins of yoga
  • 45 mins of spinning
  • 45 mins of HIIT (kickboxing and bodyweight exercises)
  • 15 mins of spinning and warming down

With the challenge and training programme in place, all we had to do was show up to the studio and start getting into shape!

Continuing an amazing Slendertone success story

Dom and James from Slendertone worked on strength, endurance and flexibility during their classes, but it still didn’t quite prep them for completing all three activities on the big day.

James’s group started the triathlon with ‘primal Vinyasa’ yoga (which focusses on natural movement and animal-like poses and noises) and ended with spinning. Dom’s group, however, finished on more punishing terms: exhausting high intensity kickboxing circuits followed by one final push on the bike.

In the spinning finale every triathlete in the studio was drenched with sweat but determined to cross the finishing line.

It took a few days for the aches to fade, but that collective sense of achievement made it all worth it. Just like Rowly after his first Slendertone programme, we left energised and inspired to start training for that next big challenge.

We even gave a Slendertone Connect to Rob from Mindshare for the best post-exercise training face (spoiler alert: it showed the signs of a tough workout, but it wasn’t pretty).

Rowly boosted his core strength, abdominal firmness and body confidence from only 6 weeks

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