Top Tips to Meal Prep for the Week Ahead

Whether you’re heading back to work, trying to keep the kids entertained all day, kept busy with housework, or keeping on top of your fitness, we all know how easy it is to neglect nourishing yourself properly once the week has begun. After a busy day, whipping up a tasty, nutrient-rich salad for tomorrow’s lunch can feel like the lowest priority; but leaving the cooking until the last minute makes it all the easier to reach for quick-fix meals and snacks. So say hello to your time-, money- and waistline-friendly solution: Sunday meal prep. We’ve compiled our top tips to help set your week on the right track:

Invest in the Right Containers
Good containers are the cornerstone of meal prep. Proper food storage containers allow you to store your food and re-heat your meals, while also acting as a lunchbox you can eat from. Choose containers that are made of recycled plastics or glass and make sure the containers allow you to portion-size meals easily. Also, choose varying shapes and sizes of containers for salads and snacks like yogurt and fruit plus dry snacks like nuts and seeds.

Make a Detailed Shopping List
Keep things simple! Use the “Notes” app on your phone to keep a running list of ingredients you need. As soon as you notice you’re running out of a staple ingredient like dried rice or chopped garlic, add it to the list so that you remember to buy during your next grocery trip. Try to keep your list in order of where you find it in the store (produce, meat, dairy, deli) so that your trip to the store is quick and efficient.

Learn to Multi-Task
When first starting to food prep, people tend to focus on doing one thing at a time, which often takes longer and can be discouraging. Once you’ve done it a few times and start to get comfortable, using multiple parts of your kitchen at once is a game changer. You can use the oven, the stove, and the slow cooker all at once while you’re chopping at the counter or making juice shots for the freezer. This level of production allows you to get more done in a shorter period of time which leads to a healthier, more organised week ahead.

Use Technology
Use an App from the App-Store to record recipes and meals that you can recall and reuse in the future. Modify a few ingredients of the recipe to create a whole new flavour experience. You can also count all the macros and monitor your progress too. Also, use the Connect App to track your toning progress and keep motivated!

Implement Time-Saving Strategies
Always keep a few homemade frozen meals on hand in case you have a very busy week and don’t have time to cook. Check out our stir fry and casserole recipes that can easily be frozen and reheated to save time on those busy days. Preparing meals in advance like this ensures you don’t need to make any decisions regarding what to eat when the time comes, allowing your schedule to run smoother. This saves mental and physical resources that can be put towards other things that are important to you like working towards your fitness and toning goals.

Preparing all these meals in advance may seem like hard work at first but you’ll be amazed how quickly this kind of habit-building can boost results and help keep you on track with your toning plan. Remember, wearing your Slendertone ab toning belt while cooking is the perfect time to sneak in an at-home toning session!

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