The problem? No time. The solution? Slendertone! Now that Autumn has started and the leaves are falling from the trees, you may be feeling those post-summer blues. However, October is a great time to jump right into a new, healthy, and proactive routine. While many people wait for January 1st, October is more effective to press restart as mornings and evenings get darker. Starting before the end of the year also means you’re more likely to stick to your new habits! If you find October gets busy and you feel tired, turn to Slendertone to add some ‘oomph’ to your routine.

No Gym? No problem!

We know it can be hard to get motivated to go to the gym, especially with the little ones back to school and many people returning to the office. That also means spending that bit more time sitting in traffic on your commute. Instead of stressing about whether you’ve time to go to the gym, make the most of what’s on your front doorstep by popping on your headphones, going out for walk and using your Slendertone to get 200 ab contractions in 30 minutes…light cardio, strength and conditioning all at the same time? We’re all about it!

slendertone Ab belt

Work Hard Tone Hard

Did you know that high productivity is linked to improving your mood? There’s nothing like coming home feeling like you’ve had a great, productive day at the office knowing you can relax once you get in the door. Our little secret? You can tone up while keeping your head down and working through the day with Slendertone. A fan favourite feature of Slendertone is not only how comfortable it is to wear, but how discreet it looks under your clothes. Whether it’s cool and casual in the office, or more blazers and ties, Slendertone is a perfect fit!

slendertone Ab belt

Cook & Tone

What do you feel like for dinner tonight? It can be hard to plan ahead and choose the quick and convenient option after a busy day. However, quick fixes don’t always have to be unhealthy! How does whole grain pasta with turkey Bolognese and mushrooms sound (or swap in some spiced tofu for a veggie option)? How about chocolate chia pudding with raspberries? Make dinner tasty with great food and make your evening fun with your Slendertone!

slendertone Ab belt

Winding Down

It’s that time of the evening… You’ve put the kids to bed, finally closed the laptop and want to chill out with some Netflix or read your novel before hopping into bed. All of a sudden, the guilt creeps in for not having had time to go for a walk or hit the gym. Enter Slendertone, your one stop device for toning, firming and strengthening your ab muscles! How? With our cutting-edge technology that guarantees to be a positive impact on our day-to-day routine when you incorporate this life hack.

slendertone Ab belt

There’s no better time to kick the post summer scaries than today. As they say, tomorrow you will wish you started yesterday! Check out our real users real results on our website.