The ultimate workout wear style guide

Run your best, but with style

So you want to look good when working out, but you can’t ignore the fact you’ve got to be practical as well. To make sure you perform at your best, it's key to keep the weight of your workout gear down and to stay cool. So opt for lightweight shorts or leggings, and tops with lightening and temperature regulating mesh inserts. Going for a run or a cycle will be less of a sweaty affair, and you’ll feel so much more comfortable.

Choose a top that’ll help you flaunt your tone

If you’re heading out for an intense workout session, go for a tight-fitting vest top or a sports bralet. As comfortable as slouchy tops are, they're not designed to optimize your movement and athletic ability, so it's best to keep them for those well-deserved rest days.

Jogging jackets that keep you warm, cool and safe

A lightweight jacket will help you deal with changeable climates. Again, it needs to fit well: look for a style with ribbed cuffs and adjustable toggles at the waist for a snug fit (so that you can wear it tight when it’s cold and loose when the weather warms up). If you’re working out after dark, be sure to stay safe by wearing a jacket with reflective strips so that cars and other runners or cyclists can spot you easily from a distance.

Wear that workout well

For the ladies, workout bras are the sports version of crop tops. A double-layered style acts as both a sports bra and a t-shirt. If you want to show a little more flesh than usual, go for something feminine but functional such as a twist back feature and crossover straps. And for the guys wanting to flex that hard-earned tone, a fitted sleeveless training top is a great option that’s both practical and stylish.

Ladies, make the most of your body shape

  • For apple shaped gym-goers, capri pants are a winning option. They'll help create a leaner shape and bring out your best asset: your legs.
  • For the pear shaped, black capri pants or leggings will flatten your hips and lengthen the look of your legs.
  • People with an hourglass figure should slip on full length, longer leggings, as this will make the most of your slim waist and balance out the bust.

And as for your swimwear…

Girls, if you’re feeling self-conscious about the hip area opt for a bold print on your top half, or a bikini with beading or detail on the bust to draw attention to the upper part of your body. To balance out the look as a whole, you should go for plain, dark bottoms to create a slimming silhouette. A ruched tank top two-piece is a great way of enhancing the bust and slender legs but, if you’d prefer to cover up, a swimming costume will really help accentuate a slim waist.

And for the guys, avoid anything that’s too loose or too tight – neither is particularly flattering. Instead, opt for tailored swim shorts that sit just above the knee; these are designed to optimize movement while accentuating a toned physique and slim hips.