It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The decorations twinkle from the tree, slippers and fluffy pyjamas are typical attire while classic Christmas movies play throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like it! It’s a great time of year to relax and take the day as it comes.

One thing that you might be starting to miss is a bit of a routine! A great way to add a bit of structure to your groundhog days are by using Slendertone for 30 minutes a day every day and build up your core strength if you’ve enjoyed a nice Christmas break. While you might have to unbuckle your belt after your delicious Christmas dinner (it’s a tradition!), Slendertone is the ab toning belt you won’t have to unbuckle. Let’s take you through the best features of the Slendertone ab toning belt and why it’s the perfect time to add a bit of “oomph” to your routine!

Stay in Shape

Christmas is absolutely one of our favourite times of the year. Between spending quality time with family, making good food and taking time out of our busy routines, it really is a feel-good season! A way to feel even better, is by using the Slendertone ab toning belt to keep in shape during winter. Slendertone is proven to firm, tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles from just 6 weeks! It targets the muscles using EMS technology to engage and switch on your muscles.

Slendertone is proven to firm, tone and strengthen your ab muscles!

Use Slendertone with Exercise

Take a moment to think about all the different activities you do during the day… Now picture them with your Slendertone ab toning belt! No more excuses to postpone your core workout because a great way to use Slendertone is by popping it on while doing light exercise or chores around the house. You can get an ab toning session in while getting out for a fresh winter walk to fit in a 30-minute toning session to maximise your results.

Targets the Core Muscles

Work smarter, not harder! Often, the core exercises we do focus on the rectus abdominis and often don't engage the deepest transversus abdominis muscles. Enter Slendertone! Our ab toning belt targets all four abdominal muscles to effectively work out your core:

  • Rectus Abdominis – the central muscles, these make up the sixpack
  • Internal Obliques – tighten the waist and work on the ‘love handles’
  • External Obliques – work these muscles for greater flexibility
  • Transversus Abdominis – difficult to tone, vital muscle for core health and strength

Unique & Comfortable Design

One of our Slendertoner’s favourite aspects of our ab toning belts is how comfortably the belt fits around the waist. With a sleek material, the belt is designed to fit around the natural curves of your body for optimum compression for the most comfortable toning experience. The ab belt uses 3 medical-grade Gel Pads to evenly distribute the muscle-stimulating pulses for peak comfort and toning efficiency. Using Velcro, the belt will wrap snugly around your waist. You won’t want to take it off as the ergonomic design ensures a great toning session!

Toning Sensation

If you don’t know how the ab toning belt feels, we’ll let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t hurt! When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation. As you increase the intensity, you will start to feel distinct muscle contractions. This is when our muscle toner (and you) is optimising your workout. It shouldn’t be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone. You should be able to hold a conversation and do your day-to-day activities in the house or out and about!

Slendertone is the personal toning partner designed with you in mind

All in all, Slendertone is the personal toning partner designed with you in mind to help stay in shape over the winter and into the new year while being flexible enough add to your everyday and workout routine. The best part is that Slendertone switches on all four of your core muscles to make your toning session super effective with the comfortable fitting belt which helps to optimise your workout. Finally, now you know that the ab toning belt should be set at the correct level for you, increasing the intensity and you build your strength. Like we said, it’s the ab belt you won’t have to unbuckle this Christmas!  

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