Stay Social While Distancing

Stay Social While Distancing

Some of the fondest memories we have from past summers involve events with our close friends and family. This year, summer may be different for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t socialise with our nearest and dearest. Throughout summer 2020, we are being advised to interact with people, but to maintain a distance while doing so. While this distance varies in different regions, the idea remains the same everywhere. So, what activities can we do to socialise while distancing? To answer this, we’ve put together a list of ways to spend time with your loved ones from a safe distance.

Walk With a Friend

Light exercise to get your heart rate up, breathe in some fresh air, and clock up your recommended daily steps. Walking with a friend is a fun way to squeeze extra exercise into your day. While catching up with a pal over a light stroll, you often don’t feel the steps adding up because you’re enjoying their company. Some people even find they move faster when walking with a friend, which is always a good way to get your heart rate up! This is a great way to socialise while maintaining a social distance – and a great way to work your abs too if you pop on your ab belt while walking. Socialising, exercising, and an ab workout – a triple win!

Video Call

With so much amazing technology available today, we’re lucky to be able to contact our loved ones all around the world. Whether they’re 5 minutes down the road or the other side of the planet, nobody is ever more than a phone call away, and being able to see the person at the other end of the phone through video call makes these moments all the more special. Try to spend a few hours each week catching up with, and checking in on, friends and family through phone call or video call.

Play No Contact Sports

A little bit of healthy competition is great. Finding sports that allow you to keep a distance from your friends can be a good laugh while bringing out your competitive side. Two fun outdoor sports that allow for social distancing are tennis and golf. If you’re lucky enough to live near a golf course or tennis course, why not arrange to meet up with a few pals for some fun friendly competition? You may even realise you’re good at it and have a talent you never knew about!

Picnic in the Park

Watching the sun set on a beautiful summer’s evening with your close friends is a blissful moment that makes every summer so special, and this year doesn’t need to be any different. A picnic in the park is the perfect way to meet up with besties while keeping a safe distance. Fresh air, friends, and food – what more could you want? Just remember to keep the parks pretty and properly dispose of any litter you may have brought with you!

Cycle a Bike

Another fun way to socialise and squeeze in some exercise is by cycling a bike. Cycling has become an increasingly popular mode of transport, exercise, and pastime over the last number of weeks, which is great because it can help reduce stress and increase cardiovascular fitness. Meeting up with a friend or relative for a socially-distanced cycle is a lovely way to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening. We recommend planning to meet at a time that is typically quiet, to optimise your chances of keeping a social distance from other people who might be in the area!

Social distance measures, travel limits and activities may vary by region, but it’s important to always adhere to government guidelines, stay safe, and maintain social distancing. With  everyone playing their part, we will get through this together as we get used to the new normal.

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