Slendertone Success Stories: “The belt is brilliant if you struggle staying motivated”

Find out how climber and grappler James used Slendertone Connect to stay motivated and stick to a structured exercise routine.

  • Before Slendertone: 71.8kg (158 pounds), 32-inch (81cm) waistline and 5 mins 11 secs plank endurance
  • After Slendertone: 67.8kg (149.5 pounds), 30-inch (76cm) waistline and 7 mins 31 secs plank endurance
  • Results from 6 weeks: -4kg (8.5 pounds) and -2 inches (5cm) with +2 mins 20 secs improved plank endurance

Weeks 1-2

I’m not ashamed to admit that I struggle to maintain a structured exercise regime. I’m even worse at dieting, especially during working weeks when I get home late and consistently fail to plan my meals. I love the buzz you get after a tough workout so my issue isn’t enjoyment. It boils down to discipline.

I find it difficult to stay focussed when the physical challenge doesn’t involve problem-solving. This is why I enjoy climbing, bouldering and martial arts rather than monotonous routines like weightlifting. I’m also dire at catching and throwing, which means that I completely avoid anything involving a ball.

“I’m hoping the belt can add structure to my training programme”

I’m hoping that the Slendertone Connect abs belt can add some structure to my training programme and allow me to eat cleaner while improving my core strength, which is essential for both bouldering and Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ).

This means (in an ideal world) cutting out bread, chalking-up for the climbing wall once each week, BJJ 2+ times per week and squeezing in 4-5 weekly sessions with the belt. I’m not expecting any significant weight or waistline reductions, but I am hoping for some dramatic improvements in muscle firmness. If I can achieve my first ever six pack, too, that would be phenomenal. Goodbye (for now), tiger bread!

Weeks 3-4

I’m pleased to report that I’ve dropped 2kg, squeezed in some sparring at Reigate Martial Arts and achieved 31.1 F.I.T. Points over 5 toning sessions.

This is all in spite of my diet plan which seems to evaporate each weekend, however the belt is keeping me motivated and filling those gaps between regular exercise.

The following week, I pushed my toning programme a little bit further, clocking 38.3 F.I.T. Points in 8 sessions. I also squeezed in a couple of hours of jiu jitsu and even attended my first ever spinning class. Thankfully my cardio held up during the 45-minute spin, but my legs were jelly for the next few days.

“I’ve swapped out carbs like noodles and pastas for beansprouts for courgetti”

I’ve almost entirely eradicated bread and swapped out carbs like noodles and pastas for beansprouts for courgetti, however my eating habits still need refining (like consuming less carbs in the evenings).

Having completed 20+ toning sessions in the first 3 weeks, I’ve also replaced my gel pads just to make sure I’m getting the most out of my belt workouts.

Next week, I’m aiming to squeeze in more jiu jitsu, get back into my yoga and make some more small tweaks to my diet.

Week 4-6

I’ve continued to speed up my training programme this week with 2 jiu jitsu classes and 7 abdominal toning sessions (which totalled to 36.7 F.I.T. Points). I’ve started toning twice on days when I haven’t planned to exercise too, which is great for maintaining motivation and keeping the core conditioned.

The Connect app also makes it incredibly easy to track your toning progress and ensure that you’re pushing yourself further every week.

Midweek, I also attended my first yoga class of the year with the hope of squeezing at least 1 session in once a fortnight. It didn’t leave me aching like spinning and grappling but it was ideal for practising balance and stability while stretching out tight and tired muscles (especially those in the abdomen).

The results

Although the fabled six pack did not materialise (this can be attributed to my lackadaisical diet plan), I managed to shed 4kg, lose 2 inches from my waistline and enhance my core strength in conjunction with my work on the mats and the climbing wall. The difference in abdominal firmness was the most pleasing result and I’m going to continue using the belt once or twice a week to maintain that firmer tone.

“I managed to lose 4kg and 2 inches from my waist while enhancing core strength”

It’s a brilliant accessory if you struggle staying motivated or find your exercise routine gets blindsided by busy working weeks. Even on the days I missed training, I could still strap the belt on for 30 minutes and feel a little less guilty about not working up a sweat. If only it could prevent my bread binges, too!

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