Slendertone Success Stories: “The belt has become part of my daily routine”

Carel in an ultra-runner and triathlete who wants to improve his performance to set a new PB. Find out how he used Slendertone to strengthen his core to improve his running form for longer.

Results from 6 weeks: lost 0.5 inches (1cm) from his waistline with 1 minute 32 seconds improved plank endurance.

Week 1

I have always been a firm believer that no piece of equipment or gadget will whip you into shape. It takes hard work and commitment to achieve your fitness goals. That said, I do believe that using the right tools can make a huge difference when used correctly with regular exercise and healthy eating.

I’m a photographer to pay the bills but in my spare time I’m a dedicated endurance athlete. My next big event is the Pilgrims Challenge: a two-day, 100km ultra trail race across the North Downs Way in Surrey. I’m hoping to complete the course in a combined time of 10 hours.

Leading up to the race I’m working on my speed, including high-intensity workouts such as track and hill running, along with shorter cross-country races to build endurance and boost my technical skills.

“I’m hoping Slendertone will allow me to push even harder”

All of this training takes a toll on the body, but I’m hoping that adding Slendertone to my programme will strengthen my core and allow me to push even harder. The secondary goal: that elusive six pack.

It’s been surprisingly easy to fit Slendertone into my routine: wake up, coffee, yoghurt with almonds, and then strap the Connect abs belt on.

Using the app, I have slowly increased the intensity level from a measly 30 up to a more respectable 40. Hopefully this figure will continue to rise over the coming weeks.

I haven’t been able to run properly this week due to a cold, however the toning sessions have helped me maintain my fitness level while I’m recovering. I should be running full tilt again by this weekend.

Week 2

Having finally kicked the cold, I managed to get 3 runs in this week: one track session with the club, one tempo run and 12km at racing race with my friend. I cannot tell if my core has gotten stronger, but I can report that I am not suffering from my usual lower back niggles.

It’s impossible to say if this is due to adding Slendertone to my training programme, but I am running well with very little discomfort (which is unusual for me).

“I am not suffering from my usual lower back niggles”

I managed to increase my average toning intensity to 54 over the past week and plan to keep raising it. The contractions are longer when I increase the intensity and definitely feel like a proper workout.

Looking in the mirror I would like to imagine that I am already seeing an improvement in my abs and core, but that might be my imagination running wild. Realistically, I hope to see the resemblance of a six pack around weeks 7-8, so I just have to keep at it.

Week 3

I’ve been sticking to an average of 6 sessions per week and am currently using the Connect belt at an intensity level of about 65.

Since passing the 60 mark my abdominal muscles are more tender for longer periods and take a little longer to recover, similarly to how I feel after doing a heavy weightlifting workout.

“My core is definitely getting a good workout”

Although I haven’t noticed any significant visual changes just yet, my core is definitely getting a good workout.

I’m still running 3 times per week and have completed my longest run in the last 12 months: a steady 18km at ultra-marathon race pace. There is still plenty of leg work to be done, but at least I know my core is getting the attention it needs to keep injury-free throughout training and maintain good form on race day.

Week 4

After 4 weeks into the programme, I’ve finally managed to push that toning intensity up to level 100. I can only assume that my core and abdominal muscles have gotten stronger because I couldn’t even tone close to 80 for a few seconds at the start of my training plan.

“I’m starting to see a visible difference in muscle definition”

I have been running well and added to 2 cross fit sessions to my weekly routine. For legs and core, I’ll do 3 sets of 10 single leg kettlebell deadlifts, 15 kettlebell swings and 10 single leg squats. For abs, I’ll complete 3 sets of 20 stomach crunches, 20 double leg kicks, 20 side-to-side kettlebell swings and 40 bicycle kicks.

Over the last few days I have even noticed a few muscular bumps appearing around my stomach and waist. It’s nothing close to a six pack just yet, but I can finally confirm that I’m starting to see a visible difference in muscle definition. Let’s hope that the next 2 weeks will show even bigger results.

Week 5

I ran my first proper road race in a long time yesterday and am reasonably pleased with my time of 1 hour 9 minutes. It’s my fastest 10-mile race in quite some time thanks to enough quality miles during training.

Slendertoning has become so normal to me that I almost didn't realise I had used my belt for 14 days straight, training on an average intensity level of about 90. I swapped the gel pads over last week as I felt the connection was not 100%, which it to be expected after 30 sessions (plus my wife has used it a few times too).

“I ran my fastest 10-mile road race in quite some time”

I don’t have a six pack popping out, but my abs are much firmer than when I started. I’ve now added weighted sit-ups and crunches to my ab workouts to increase the size of my abdominal muscles. The Slendertone contractions are very strong, but heavy weight training should make a bigger difference.

Nearing then end of week 6, I think that I was spot on with my target of 8 weeks for achieving proper visual results. I have noticed a bumpier stomach, but I’m not ripped. For one more week, I just need to stay off the pies.

Week 6

After 6 weeks of using Slendertone Connect, I am delighted to report that the belt has lived up to my expectations. I have completed 40 toning sessions during my programme, along with 2 workouts and 2 runs every week. I increased my training during this programme, but I did not make any changes to my diet. In total, I toned my abdominal muscles for 20 hours and racked up 180 F.I.T. points.

“The Slendertone belt has become part of my daily routine”

I’ve been training for a 100km double ultra-marathon on the trails, so I wanted to enhance my core strength to improve my running posture and stay stronger for longer. My core has definitely firmed because I am now able to hold the plank position for just over 3 minutes.

Visually, the results are there too, but I will have to keep working hard to achieve the six pack hidden beneath. I will definitely continue using the Slendertone belt. It has become part of my daily routine!