Slendertone Success Stories: “My fitness is higher and I’ve started to replace fat with muscle”

Antoine spends long hours sat behind a desk but wanted to get fitter and improve his posture. Find out how he 5.5kg and 3 inches off his waistline while improving his core strength in just 6 week.

  • Before Slendertone: 81.5kg (180 pounds), 35.5-inch (90cm) waistline and 34 seconds plank endurance.
  • After Slendertone: 76kg (168 pounds), 32.5-inch (82.5cm) waistline and 2 minutes 38 seconds plank endurance.
  • Results from 6 weeks: -5.5kg (12 pounds) and -3 inches (7.5cm) with 2 minutes 4 seconds improved plank endurance.

Week 1

I always thought that I’d have no time to train because of my long working hours, but I usually do my 25-minute Slendertone session as soon as I get home instead of watching TV.

I’ve completed 6 sessions this week, starting at an intensity level of 35 and gradually increasing up to 50. The sensation is a little bit unfamiliar but I feel no discomfort, which is going to really help me get into my new routine.

“I do my 25-minute toning session as soon as I get home instead of watching TV”

I already feel stronger and more confident. There are no visible results just yet, but my new nutrition and exercise plan will help that too. My PT has shown me where I can make improvements on timing my meals, as well as the quality and quantity. I’ll need to adapt my eating habits, especially evenings.

I’m going to try to run 2-3 times per week and add a few exercises to my routine to help improve my speed. I can’t wait to see next week’s results!

Week 2

I am having a lot of fun doing this programme. I’ve lost weight, enhanced my strength and feel much healthier and more dynamic. Overall, it feels great and the abs belt is really the driver of the process.

I am now using it 6 days per week and toning at intensity level 70. I can even tone while watching TV or cooking, which means that you can easily introduce this belt into your daily schedule, even when you have very little time during a busy working week.

“I’ve lost weight, enhanced my strength and feel much healthier”

I find following an exercise and nutrition programme more difficult, especially in the mornings where I’m used to eating mainly sugar-based, high-carb breakfasts. Reducing my carb consumption made me feel like I lacked energy at the beginning of the week, but it is already getting better.

In terms of exercise, we focused on legs in the first week and upper body work in the second. I am also running 3-4 times this week. The challenge is exciting, but I love pushing myself.

Week 3

It’s funny how quickly you can adapt in just 3 weeks. I’ve altered my daily routine by reorganising my time and planning my meals. Going through this process and this toning programme is going to really help me in the future, because I’m learning all of these easy little tips for leading a healthier lifestyle.

“People have started to say that they see a noticeable difference”

The Slendertone belt is at the heart of it. I do my usual 25 minutes almost every day. I now push it to level 80 with no difficulty. I also run 3 times per week and drill core and abdominal exercises with my PT 3-4 times each week. With long hours at work and busy family weekends, it’s difficult to do more.

In terms of results, I feel healthier, lighter and more dynamic and confident. People have also started to say that they see a noticeable difference. I see myself every day which makes it trickier to spot the results, so this is great for my motivation.

Week 4

As I expected, I’m starting to see the results. My fitness is much higher and I’ve started to replace fat with muscle. Because I’ve been working my legs as well as upper body, my whole physique has been reshaped. The visible effects, though, are nothing compared to feeling healthier. I need to sleep less and I feel like I’m in great shape when I wake up.

I am using the Slendertone belt 25 minutes every day and always exceeding the required level of the week. I’m now pushing intensity level 85. It’s only a matter of days until I tone at the maximum 100.

“My fitness is higher and I’ve started to replace fat with muscle”

My new routine is completely natural to me now, including the nutrition plan. It’s important to treat yourself when you’re living healthy too, so on Friday night I had a drink and a chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

For the final 2 weeks of my toning programme, though, I’m feeling extremely motivated and want to take my training to another level.

Week 5

I keep using my belt on a daily basis with an average level of 95. I haven’t reached 100 yet, but I have one week left to try.

I’ve also been working specific exercises with my PT to improve my running speed. At the start of the programme, we wanted to get my time of 5 minutes 55 seconds per kilometre down to 5 minutes 20 seconds. I can now run one kilometre in 5 minutes, so it’s amazing to reach and surpass that training target.

“Feeling this great is a massive boost in terms of motivation”

The food has been tempting during my holidays in France but I’m trying to stay focused on my goals. If I keep doing what I have been doing I am certain that I will be proud of everything I have achieved.

I have learnt a lot about living a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, felt those everyday benefits. Feeling this great is a massive boost in terms of motivation and makes me want to continue using my belt to maintain my abdominal firmness and definition.

Week 6

Although it has been challenging finding the time to train during my holiday, I have enjoyed running on the beach more than running in the city. I haven’t been able to work out as regularly this week, but I have managed to run 7-8km each day and use my belt almost every morning too.

“My 6 week Slendertone programme is the beginning of a new era”

I did manage to push the intensity level to 100 a couple of times, but I think this intensity may take a few more sessions to get used to. Meeting friends and family for lunch and dinners (the French way) has made sticking to the nutrition plan harder, although I’ve tried to compensate with much tougher activities.

I feel the fittest I have done in years (which was one of my training goals) and I’m extremely proud of what I’ve achieved. For me, this 6 week programme is the end of a short story but the beginning of a new era.

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