Slendertone Success Stories: “I’m less body conscious and my core and back are stronger”

Joanne is a runner who wanted to lose weight and enhance endurance and strength for her first 5K. Find out how she lost 1.5 inches from her waistline and improve her core strength and posture.

  • Before Slendertone: 67.6kg (149 pounds), 33.5-inch (85cm) waistline and 2 minutes 1 second plank endurance.
  • After Slendertone: 67.4 kg (148.6 pounds), 32-inch (81cm) waistline and 3 minutes 8 seconds plank endurance.
  • Results from 6 weeks: -0.2kg (0.4 pounds) and -1.5 inches (4cm) with 1 minute 32 seconds improved plank endurance.

Week 1

What a journey it has been so far. I love the fact than I can tone at work or at home. I’m also pleased that I’m able to slowly work my way up the toning intensity scale. I started at 45 and have ended my first week around level 55-60.

Every morning I try to do an intense 20-minute PiYo workout at home using a DVD. In the first week I have already noticed that I can now complete the full workout without feeling like I’ll collapse at the end, thanks to a bit more strength in my core muscles.

“I love the fact than I can tone at work or at home”

As I spend at least 10-11 hours sitting behind a desk at work, I park about 800 metres from the office so that I can run up the hill and time how long it takes. Monday it took me almost 3 minutes to reach the car. By Friday, it took me 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This is going to be my daily challenge to help increase my stamina and test my endurance levels.

I’ve changed my diet as well, ensuring that I do a lot more cooking with fruits and vegetables and not rely on takeout. If I do order a takeaway, I seek a healthy option, like Greek-style sea bass with roast aubergines and courgettes.

Bring on next week’s results! I’m hoping for more endurance and enhanced tone in my abs and core.

Week 2

I’ve managed to build myself up to an intensity level of 89 and I can feel firmness in my belly without even tensing my stomach muscles.

“I can feel firmness in my belly without tensing my stomach muscles”

I have also increased my weekly mileage, increasing from 3 laps of the park to 4 laps (the last laps for both are fast-paced walking to help warm down the legs). I try to complete all of my laps inside of 20 minutes, and I’m pleased to say that this week I finished my final lap 30 seconds faster than normal. I have also boosted my speed for my hill sprint from the car to the office. I’ve now reached 2 minutes!

Week 3

It’s been a busy week at work, but I’ve still managed to squeeze in 4 Slendertone sessions. I’ve made up for lost time by combining my abs belt with lunge walks to the toilet and upper body twists on the way back (not to mention a few squats if I can fit them in at home or in the office).

“I can make up for lost time by combining my belt with lunge walks”

This week I managed to run 3 times and complete 4 laps every time before the end of my 20-minute time limit, clocking a total of 6 miles. After each run, I’ll do a further warm down or if I have time add a few squats and arm exercises like press-ups or triceps dips.

My next goal is to run every day. The only way is up and my overall endurance levels have definitely gotten better, so I believe that this is something that can be easily accomplished.

Week 4

I'm happy to say I'm feeling a little bit more confident with my body. When walking my stomach isn't wobbling as much as it had done before I started this journey.

“My posture has improved and I feel very strong in my core”

I've increased the intensity level of the belt just above 90, which is really intense. I feel the firmness once my session is finished and when I tense my abdominal muscles are becoming more solid.

My posture has improved and even though I've only run twice this week I felt very strong in my core. In total I pushed 3 miles this week. I could have continued for a few more laps had it not been for my lungs feeling like they were going to explode, but I still jogged alternating with a walk in-between the laps.

I even found my at-home workout routine much easier as my breath didn’t cut out on me before the halfway mark.

Week 5

I've now reached full toning intensity on the belt, hitting 100! You can actually see the way your belly muscles pull inwards with every contraction. My core is getting so strong. If I keep eating cleaner and maintain an active lifestyle, I will continue stripping away fat and making that definition more visible.

“I've now reached full toning intensity. My core is getting so strong”

My aim is to look bikini-ready for my LA trip next month, so there's still room for improvement. Even though I am feeling more confident, I want to look great and not worry about walking and wobbling at the same time. With my extra core strength, it should make the challenge of running over sandy beaches in the heat a lot easier.

This week I’ve swapped out running for more core exercises (like press-ups and sit-ups) to allow my legs some time to heal. I'll be back to jogging in no time. In the meantime, I can maintain abdominal firmness using my Connect belt.

Week 6

In my final week I’ve been using the belt at an intensity level of 100. I’m less body conscious, my core and back are improving in strength, and my endurance levels are better than they were 6 weeks ago.

I haven’t been able to do as much home cooking as I would have liked, but I did finish this week with salmon salad followed by homemade chicken soup. Undeniably, eating clean enhances your results.

“I’m less body conscious, my core and back are stronger and my endurance levels are higher”

I think that Slendertone is a great tool for kick-starting a healthier, active lifestyle because a stronger core gives you much more energy. And, most importantly, it’s very discreet under clothing, meaning that I can tone anywhere, including while sitting behind my desk.

I can now run to my car in just over one minute, which feels great considering I started at 3 minutes. I’m now looking forward to some beach running in LA and entering my first charity race in the New Year.

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