Slendertone Success Stories: “I feel stronger and my tummy looks flatter than before”

Amazing mum and longtime yogi Yogaberry offers an honest review of the Slendertone Connect belt.

The belt

A toning belt? For a yoga teacher? OK, so before you start to scream and shout that toning belts and yoga don’t go together, I must say I agree. Well, sort of…

Yoga is about what you feel on the inside. The more you practice, the more you improve on the inside and the outside. I’m very happy with my figure but what I’m struggling with a little bit after giving birth to my two kids is core strength.

I’ve incorporated more Pilates techniques into my practice and I’ve recently ramped up my pelvic floor exercises, but of course I’m willing to try anything!

I’m also naturally curious so I wanted to know what all the fuss is about. I tried Slendertone Connect, which promises stronger abs in 4-6 weeks.

A 30-minute session with the belt equals:

  • 202 sit-ups targeting the rectus abdominis (the six pack).
  • 202 targeting the transversus abdominis.
  • 202 targeting the internal oblique.
  • 202 targeting the external oblique.

That’s a lot of sit-ups for someone who doesn’t usually do sit-ups!

The app

The belt is controlled by the free app which you download on your phone and it’s super easy to use. It shows you your progress and you can choose between different programmes.

I chose Fitness, which is one of the stronger programmes, so maybe should have started with Post Natal (even though my son is nearly 3).

The only downside I saw was that it’s difficult to have more than one user. I wanted to share this experience with my lovely husband, but as it works via Bluetooth it wasn’t quite so straightforward to go back and forth between users. My husband therefore got out of using it (for now…).

The experience

If you think that using a toning belt is the lazy option, I can tell you it’s definitely not!

This is hard work. It’s difficult to describe but maybe think of a TENS machine (I loved to use it during labor to get through contractions) placed on your tummy on permanent boost x1,000!

The sensation made me think of contractions but probably more the Braxton Hicks variety (sorry guys, you will never understand). The intensity goes from 0-100 and the maximum I reached was 60!

The results

I have to say that the belt definitely works! It was working the deep core muscles that would have been very difficult to access otherwise. I feel stronger and my tummy looks flatter than before. It was really easy to set up, but it’s definitely not the easy option for getting a good workout.

Will I continue to use it? Probably not, to be honest. Not because I don’t think it works (we’ve seen that it works!), but because yoga gives me a lot more pleasure than the Slendertone. I’m therefore passing it onto my dear husband…

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Disclaimer: I have been given the product free of charge in return for my honest review. Read the original review here.