Slendertone Success Stories: “I am over the moon with the results”

Health and family blogger Mum in a Nutshell shares her amazing journey with Slendertone Connect and the exercise routine which helped get her pre-baby body confidence back.

My mission

After growing three babies, I yearned for a slice of the old me. I accepted that with each baby came a few battle scars. Fantastic genes and cocoa butter meant I had coped with these changes quiet well, but it was time to see if I could tackle the jiggle which I’d become so used to.

I started pulling those stretched muscles back to where they should be with a gentle exercise where you lie on your back and push it down onto the floor, holding for 30 seconds and breathing out. I did this for a couple of weeks until I was sure the muscles were knitting back together.

Next was a series of planking exercises. I started with a few 30-second planks which I built up to a 5-minute routine (Pinterest is great for ideas). That lead me to where I am now: finetuning and taking it to the next level using Slendertone Connect.

The belt

The belt syncs wirelessly to a training programme app on your phone, which begins by guiding you through the setup procedure. My aim was getting back into shape after having a baby. I set toning reminders, which send me a message at 8PM each evening (about the same time my tween tells me it’s time we did our mother-and-son planking session). The toning intensity is also controlled from your phone or smart device.

The great thing about the belt is that it beeps and switches off when you’ve finished your session so you stick to the programme. The only way I can describe how toning feels is to imagine tensing your tummy and then squeezing it with your hands. It doesn’t hurt, unless you accidentally pump up the pulses too high, and if you’re using it in the colder months the gel pads on the inside are really cold, but they do warm up quickly.

The results

It’s been 8 weeks since I began my mission to go from mum tum to bikini confident and many years since I’ve had the confidence to wear a bikini, so showing you my before and after photos has taken a huge leap of faith. To appreciate how effective a planking routine and the belt is, though, you need to see the results for yourself.

A bikini is something which I never thought I’d wear again, but I am over the moon with the results.

I’ve not only toned my stomach: it’s got definition and I’ve lost 3 inches around my waist because everything has been pulled in. I have also lost weight thanks to a slightly limited diet since having braces fitted.

All I need to do now is book a holiday somewhere hot to put that bikini body confidence to the test. Any ideas on a postcard please!

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Disclaimer: I was sent Slendertone Connect to test how it worked for me. I have used it alongside a simple exercise routine. Read my full abs belt review on my blog.