Simple life hacks for keeping fit when you’re a busy mum

If restarting your fitness routine is on your to-do list but you’re having trouble getting started, you’re not alone. Being a mum is a tough job. Try these simple hacks for squeezing in your daily exercise fix.

You don’t need the gym or the studio to get fit and have fun

Lunging around the house, doing laps of the park with a running buggy and completing a core circuit (like pelvic bridges, crunches and planks) during playtime are all great ways for getting extra exercise into your busy schedule.

You can also transform your living room into your own fitness studio with online exercise videos. We recommend trying one of ours below.

They take less than 20 minutes and are perfect for energising your mornings or unwinding after their bedtime. Add a Slendertone abdominal toning belt to your reps get even more out of your workouts.

If you’ve recently had a baby, try these gentle post-natal exercises

If you want something a little tougher, try this core crushing circuit

Get the little ones involved with your fitness routine

If you’re practising bodyweight exercises or watching workout videos at home, roll out an extra yoga mat or pump up the music so that your kids can get involved.

Just ask Wendy from Slendertone (pictured) who finds the time to get fit without sacrificing precious family time.

“YouTube HIIT workouts are a godsend!” she says. “I don’t have to leave the house, I can do it when the kids are in bed or, if they like, they can join in.

“Working full-time and traveling a lot means that I have less time with my family, so when I give up family time to exercise I push myself twice as hard!”

If you’re training for a 5K or charity run, some road races and obstacle events (like Spartan Sprint, for example) hold shorter, kids-friendly courses on the same day, so that can prep for race day together.

This will keep your kids entertained and inspire them to get strong and active just like their mum and dad. If you cannot inspire your little ones to get involved, you can always bribe them with chocolate!

Inspire your partner to embrace your exercise plan

It’s easy sticking to your fitness routine when you have someone there to support and motivate you every step of the way.

It also means that you can train together while you’re watching the kids. We recommend getting the whole family in the living room and trying this partner power workout (by Slendertone and Women’s Health).

Meet likeminded mums at mother-and-baby exercise classes and boot camps

If you prefer getting your fitness fix when you’re out and about, there are studios and boot camps which offer a great selection of exercise classes where you can bring your baby or toddler with you.

From yoga and Pilates to buggy workouts (where you can use your baby to add some more weight to your movements), there is a class out there for you.

Check what facilities and equipment (like showers, towels and yoga mats) they provide when you’re looking for your perfect class and don’t forget to bring everything you need for little ones (like toys).

If you’re not sure what activity is right for you, here are a few exercise classes we tried and loved.

“I’m going to recommend Slendertone to all the new mums out there”

Slendertone abs belts are clinically-proven to improve posture and core strength from 4 weeks, which are essential if you’re carrying little ones or pushing a pram every day.

The slimline and ultralight design of our toning belts also enables you to discreetly firm and strengthen your abs during your everyday routine.

“The belt is so easy to use,” says real mum and Slendertone user Elizabeth (pictured). “I've been using it while walking around the house, carrying my baby or doing chores.

“I’m going to recommend Slendertone to all the new mums out there. I feel like the old me again. I fit into my old clothes and I feel strong, confident and healthy.”

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