Self-Care Tips While Staying at Home

Self-Care Tips While Staying at Home

While we are all spending more time at home and out of our routines, it’s more important than ever to take time to look after ourselves. Without routine and structure, we can sometimes forget to do the little things that make a big difference when looking after mind and body. Self-care can come in many forms and mean different things to different people, so we’ve created a list of simple self-care tips that can be incorporated into everyday life while staying at home.

Stretch First Thing in the Morning and Last Thing at Night

Stretching muscles can alleviate tension and relax the muscles to help reduce stress. Stretching first thing in the morning helps you to get in touch with your body allow to you to focus on your breathing, while also improving blood flow to set you up for the day ahead. Stretching before bed allows you to release any tension you have built-up throughout the day to set you up for a relaxing, comfortable sleep.

Unwind Before Bedtime

How many of us are guilty of being on our phones right up until we fall asleep? At a time when we are trying to switch off, the blue light from our phones causes us to become more alert and struggle to fall asleep. For a better night’s sleep, aim to put down your phone at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed. Try to fill this time by reading or journaling. Debriefing your day in a journal can be a great way to unwind and relieve stress too – win win!

Eat the Rainbow

A balanced diet is central to an effective self-care routine. A great way to ensure you are getting the necessary mix of nutrients is to ‘eat the rainbow’ by including whole foods of every colour in your diet. How often you eat is also plays a big role in maintaining a balanced diet. Skipping meals can result in fatigue and loss of concentration. To prevent this, include a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar levels stable all day long.

Prioritise Sleep

One of the simplest and most effective forms of self-care is sleeping, but most importantly, ensuring you get an adequate amount of sleep. Getting 7-8 hours’ sleep at night will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for the day ahead. Getting better quality sleep will also help you remember and process things better. Don’t feel lazy for prioritising sleep, you’re simply recharging your batteries!

Get Moving

There is a strong link between exercising and a healthy mind and body, which is why it’s so important to include exercise in your self-care routine. Even 30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce stress, relieve tension, and increase productivity! ! If you can’t get out for a social-distanced walk, why not try a home workout? Transform your home into a gym without any expense! Top tip: Pop on your ab toning belt to boost the results of your workout or keep your core strong between workouts! For more information on our quick home workouts come visit our blog below.

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