Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day, The Slendertone Way

Love is in the air! Given how hard it can be to plan something romantic to do with your significant other (or even something fun to do with friends) on Valentines Day, we’ve put together some great activities to shake things up. Whether you’re celebrating together in lockdown or virtually, you can always add some “oomph” to do the day. How? Here are our Top 4 Valentine’s activities... celebrate the day the Slendertone way!

Mr & Mrs Questions Game

Whether you and your significant other are celebrating Valentine’s Day together or apart, you might want some fun games to play! Why not play this classic question game that is great for creative conversation, lots of laughs and a way to get to know even more about your partner? All you need is a pen, paper, and some tasty nibbles.

We Suggest: Adding your Bottom toner to bring in more fun.


Maybe you want to spend some time relaxing together, but want a break from Netflix? Then Yoga is the activity for you. There are some powerful couple’s yoga poses you can do together that will build trust and communication and it’s a great mood booster. Try the easy back-to-back pose or the more challenging Chair pose for example! You’ll both feel great after spending some time doing new activities together.

We suggest: Popping on your Ab Toning Belt to introduce an extra level on intensity to your poses.

Take a Long Walk

Grab a warm jacket and head out for a lovely long walk together. Take the scenic route and talk about all the things you would like to do together when times are less uncertain. One thing that is certain, is how refreshed you will both feel after getting out in the fresh air. Bring a flask of hot coffee and some nibbles to enjoy halfway through your walk as there is nothing more romantic or fun than a little picnic!

Create a Healthy Meal together

It’s a classic but cooking together in the kitchen is a great way to spend time together. When cooking together you have more time to interact and connect, which can help strengthen your bond. Try a new healthy recipe, such as our “Whole grain or zoodle pasta with turkey Bolognese and mushrooms” Pop on some music and play games like “Would You Rather” or “Twenty Questions” to get to know your significant other even better! And for dessert? Chocolate strawberries!

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