Quick tips for the perfect ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and gym selfies

Capturing the perfect ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo is essential for tracking your physical transformation. It’s also a great way to stay motivated throughout your training programme. Here are our top tips on consistency, lighting and posture, so that you can produce the very best progress photos and selfies.

What are the benefits of taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos?

Visually documenting your progress on a week-by-week basis is the best way to stay motivated while objectively monitoring those physical changes.

It’s also a more reliable benchmark than the bathroom scales, especially when heavier muscle starts to replace fat and muscle firmness becomes more important than bodyweight.

To help track your transformation, log your progress photos in the Slendertone Connect app. Simply click on the Menu in the top left corner and then your Profile icon to access Before and After Photos.


Ask a friend to photograph you

For quality and consistency, this is a better option than taking selfies.

Choose a minimalist background

White walls without objects and furniture in the background ensure that the focus is on your training progress. Naturally, it’s easier to maintain this consistency at home than it is in the gym.

For mirror selfies, ensure that the before and after photos are consistent, otherwise the second shot will be flipped/inverted.

Take photos in the morning

You’re lighter and look leaner in the morning before you’ve eaten and properly hydrated.

Whatever time of the day you choose to take your before photo, ensure that it’s consistent with the after photo for the most honest comparison.


Natural lighting is preferable to artificial lighting while downlights (light coming from above) can help pronounce that upper body muscle definition.

Artificial light can leave a yellow tinge, so look for window and skylights to minimise filters and photo editing.


Stand up straight and keep your shoulders pinned back to accentuate that natural body confidence.

Different angles and poses highlight different muscle groups, however well-lit, straight-on shots look the most authentic.


Clothing should be consistent, but it also needs to showcase your hard work. Choose something that is colourful, close-fitting and comfortable.

For women, we recommend your favourite sports bra and gym shorts or yoga capris. For men, shorts with no top is the best for highlighting those results.

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