Melody’s Slendertone Success Story “I was amazed at the visible results!”

Meet Melody, a 28-year-old GP who works Monday through to Friday. When the evenings come around, Melody finds it difficult to stay motivated to fit in some exercise and it’s often put on the long finger. Melody felt that Slendertone could be the answer to help her feel ‘beach’ body ready. After 6 weeks of using Slendertone consistently, she dropped a dress size and lost 2 inches from her waistline! Read on to hear about her experience.

“The more I wear the belt, the more results I see, and the more results I see, the more I want to wear it!”

In Melody’s Words:

Slendertone really has been the motivation I needed to kick-start my toning regime. If the past 6 weeks have taught me anything, it’s the importance of habit forming. Once I was used to wearing the ab belt, I automatically put it on without even thinking and now look at my results!

“I don’t have the energy in the evenings to get to a gym on top of everything else. Slendertone helped me physically and changed my frame of mind!”

I’m very time poor, I work long days Monday to Friday, and I simply do not have the energy in the evenings to get to a gym on top of everything else! With summer looming around the corner, I was starting to feel anxious at the thought of wearing a bikini. I knew I needed something to help me achieve a more toned tum and to stay motivated throughout the coming weeks. Then comes Slendertone which helped me physically, but also psychologically changed my frame of mind about the simplicity of using Slendertone!  

Melodys story Week 1

The first week I was feeling really motivated, wearing the belt twice a day! I felt my stomach muscles were firmer to touch after one week which was really encouraging. My abs even felt a bit achy after using the belt, which was a reminder that I’ve done something and reassured me that this ab belt must really work! I started to wear my Slendertone at any opportunity possible, whilst doing admin jobs, going for walks or even strolling through the shops. I mean, nobody noticed I had it on, so this gave me the confidence to wear it anywhere!

“After 3 weeks, I was amazed that I could actually see visible results from using the Slendertone belt! It’s really a part of my daily routine now, like brushing my teeth – I do it without thinking!”

My jeans were starting to feel slightly looser, and a couple of friends commented on my shape which made me feel much more beach ready already – so much so, I decided to do some bikini shopping! The more I wear the belt, the more results I see, and the more results I see, the more I want to wear it!

Melody's story

I’m not a big gym goer- the thought of doing endless sit-ups makes me cringe, not only are they tough, but I find them quite boring! With my Slendertone, I can do a 30-minute session which delivers 200 ab contractions, whilst also doing something else! Don’t get me wrong, it has not replaced exercise in my life altogether, but it’s been a great additional to my exercise regime and alternative when I simply do not have the time.

Melodys story Week 6

“6-weeks of wearing my Slendertone, and I’m thrilled with the results. I am a lot happier and more comfortable in my skin and I cannot wait to show off my newfound confidence at the beach.”

Starting out, I was quite focused the first ‘6 weeks’, but now I’ve seen how much can be achieved in such a short period of time, I’m excited to continue my toning journey as I’m sure I can achieve a lot more! 

Melody's story

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