Dreaming of getting lean and toned? Us too! We did some investigating and found the top tips to toning for beginners. And guess what? They actually work! Don’t worry we won’t keep them a secret. Your body will be toned in no time with the help of these 5 tips, including using your Slendertone of course.

Fuel Your Body

What you eat can largely determine how much fat you carry on your body. No matter how much you train, your abs won’t be visible if you have a high body fat percentage. You need to reduce the fat covering the muscle to show the defined muscle. Remember, food is your friend and the perfect way to tone up. Start by gradually introducing healthy food like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains into your diet. These foods can help grow and repair muscles and also fuel your workouts. Your muscles also depend on hydration. Dehydration leads to muscle breakdown, something you must avoid if you’re trying to tone up. It is important to drink at least two litres of water a day. Don’t forget to drink more on the days you exercise! Often your brain tricks you into thinking you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty. Next time you’re craving an unhealthy snack, have a glass of water and see if the craving subsides.

HIIT Training

What is the key way to burn calories and strengthen your muscles at the same time? High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Exercises like running, skipping or jumping may seem exhausting, but they are the perfect exercises to ensure you see results. HIIT can help you boost your metabolism, burn fat, maintain a healthy heart rate, blood pressure and sugar level.


The Slendertone Evolve Abs features a guided 6 Week Toning plan. This plan will continuously challenge you to unlock stronger, more powerful programmes each week, helping you to progress from a beginner to EMS pro!  The Evolve Abs toning belt also features short , targeted Abs Blitz programmes which are great as a standalone or ‘Top-Up’ toning session after a workout. 

Stress Less & Rest More

Your body secretes the cortisol hormone when you are stressed, which leads to weight gain and muscle loss. Make sure you allow a portion of your day to de-stress. Read your favourite book, get some fresh air, laugh more or even get a massage. Most importantly get enough rest. Exercise is important to tone, however, if you’re not giving yourself time off, then you can put yourself into a recovery hole.

Strength Training

Often people looking to tone stay clear of weight lifting. The rumour is that lifting weights will make you bulk up too much. Well, we are here to tell you the rumours are false. You won’t bulk up from working with light to moderate weights, instead you will boost your metabolism and lose weight, which will result in a more lean and toned you.  

There you go! The 5 step kickstart guide to toning. We know if you follow these 5 easy steps, you will be toned in no time. Make sure to incorporate your Evolve Abs, the perfect belt to guide you on your way to toned, flatter abs.