How To Tone With Slendertone’s Body Toning Bundle

We’ve made toning your abs and arms easy! Want to know how? Our Abs7 Toning Belt & Arms Toner Bundle for women has been a customer favourite for a reason: great value on cutting-edge toning devices that help to motivate, kickstart and elevate your workout routine. Clinically proven to tone, firm and strengthen your muscles in just 6 weeks, we would like to introduce you to the Slendertone Abs7 Toning Belt and Arms Toner.

Abs7 Toning Belt

Getting those hard-to-achieve abs can be frustrating! That’s why the Abs7 is perfect because it gives you the option to use the Passive Programmes (1-7) when working around the house and relaxing, or to use the Active Programmes (8-10) alongside physical activity. Starting on programme 1, the controller will automatically progress through each programme up to programme 6 so you can continue to challenge yourself with each toning session.

Programme 7 delivers a strong abdominal workout which is useful for those involved in sport. Programme 8 is lower in intensity and is useful when you want to combine the stimulation with a moderate cardio activity such as active walking, jogging, or using a stepper. If you are unfamiliar with Ab Crunch exercises, we recommend starting with programme 9 before progressing to programme 10.

Arms Toner

When working on toning your arms, it can often feel like it takes a lifetime to see the results. However, targeting your triceps with the Slendertone Arms Toner will not only give you the toned arms you desire, but it will help to develop your upper body strength, making daily tasks easier. Our customers say that it’s a great way to warm up or warm down after doing some arm exercises too! Some of our favourite arm exercises to include in your workout routine include

  • Tricep Curls
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Tricep Dips

Adding the Arms Toner will firm, shape, and strengthen your arms in as little as 6 weeks!

If you want to challenge yourself even further, complete x2 toning sessions back-to-back to get the most out of your Slendertone.

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