How to enhance your exercise routine with caffeine and incredible coffee

Caffeine has been proven to enhance performance while reducing our perception of exertion (fatigue). Here is your essential guide for using coffee with exercise, including timings, doses and healthy blends.

How can coffee enhance my workouts?

Consuming caffeine before your workout accelerates metabolism so that you’re burning more calories during and after exercise.

It has also been clinically proven to reduce food cravings and our calorie intake throughout the rest of the day (Schubert, 2014).

Most importantly, caffeine enhances focus while reducing your perceived work output (fatigue), which allows you to train harder for longer.

It has been proven that every type of athlete (from weightlifters to runners) can enhance performance with caffeine.

When should I drink my pre-workout coffee?

On average, the stomach absorbs coffee in 15-45 minutes, however its benefits peak at 60-90 minutes.

Everyone has different sizes and metabolic rates so experiment when you drink your pre-workout java to maximise the benefits.

Caffeine is a natural diuretic which can cause dehydration, so ensure that you’re properly watered for every workout.

Caffeine stays in your system for 4-6 hours after consumption, so it’s worth considering your tolerance levels or reducing the dose for evening workouts. Sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, so don’t sacrifice it for an edge during evening exercise sessions.

How much caffeine do I need to enhance training without ‘crashing’ afterwards?

Studies suggest that the benefits of caffeine plateau after 200mg, however you can feel its effects with as little as 20mg. Again, your dosage should depend on your personal preferences and tolerance levels.

Make your coffee healthier

Replace milk with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains good fats (which your body can break down more easily for quick-release energy) and healthy cholesterol.

“I felt incredibly fuelled,” says Dom from Slendertone, who added 5g of VitaCoco to his morning coffee before going to the gym.

“This is a great pre-workout drink for those who are on the keto and paleo diet or intermittent fasting.”

If keeping calories to a minimum is the priority, Crumpets and Coffee make tasty instant blends at only 2-4 calories per cup. Receive 10% off Crumpets and Coffee with our exclusive code: ‘SLENDERTONE10’.

Matcha is packed with antioxidants

Matcha green tea typically has 60 times more antioxidants than spinach, including the cancer-fighting epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It also delivers a steadier focus unlike the adrenaline ‘spikes’ of coffee.

Sweet Revolution offer an organic and vegan matcha latte with amazing flavours, without any dairy or refined sugars.

Create your perfect coffee

We asked Professor Peter Harris, inventor of the Steampunk Coffee Machine, for his best brewing tips.

Go independent

“If you have a busy lifestyle but want great coffee then go to the professionals and seek out great local, independent and small-chain coffee shops near you.

“For the best flavour, never keep beans in the fridge and use them as quickly as possible once opened.”

Get the toolkit

“If you want great coffee at home try the Chemex process, which involves brewing your beans through a simple cone-shaped filter.

“Buy a good ‘burr’ grinder instead of pre-ground coffee and source good beans (like Union Hand Roast) which clearly state their origin and flavour profiles.”

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