How Slendertone abs belts keep you motivated

Mum and fitness blogger Beauty Passionista explains how her hubby and Slendertone Connect help her stay motivated both in and out of the gym.

How can a gym buddy boost my motivation?

As the nights draw in and the mornings are still dark till past 7.30AM, the motivation to haul myself to the gym wanes. I love my gym and I love my workouts but like anyone, there are days (sometimes weeks) when I just can’t get into the groove.

That’s where having a gym buddy comes into play. Whether you’re trying to boost your motivation or just get more out of each workout, it’s worth taking the time to find yourself the right gym buddy. I’ve been lucky enough to marry my gym buddy, but ultimately it’s about finding someone who is 100% supportive, pushes you to the limit (and then a little more) and wants you to see you succeed.

Having a gym buddy makes working out more fun and let’s face it, if you know someone is relying on you to show up, you’re more likely to make your workout. Trying out new exercises becomes easier too and less intimidating in a gym full of people. We’re also more likely to push ourselves harder. It’s like have a personal trainer and spotter all in one.

Slendertone is like an at-home gym buddy

At home, I tend to use my Connect belt as an abs workout buddy too. The virtual trainer app keeps track of training goals and your journey towards them, motivating and supporting you along the way.

It’s like having the ultimate gym buddy and perfect for people looking for virtual support for their training goals. Naturally, regular toning needs to be part of your regular health and fitness regime. Pair exercise with a healthy nutrition plan for the full benefits to your health and body confidence.

The results

Using Slendertone regularly has helped me so much in achieving a strong and toned body.

My husband hasn’t needed to refer to the proven results from the 4-week clinical trials – he’s seen the effects on me and is now starting to use the belt himself. We can now buddy up not only in the gym, but at home with our abs belt too!

That’s what it’s about. Real results. Discipline and routine are the best routes to get you there, but it’s not all about vanity. It’s about doing it for yourself, feeling good and being the best you can be.

Achieving results means focusing your mind on reaching your goals, staying motivated, developing good habits and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Slendertone is there to support you all the way.

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