5 reasons fitness wearables works

Here are five reasons why you need to stick to using your wearable when you’re on a mission to tone-up and be healthy:

They offer tailor-made planning

Apps and wearables pick up personal information about us that can help shape our plans. We’re all different, so following a tailored program saves time and will help you reach your goals more quickly. Our body shape and DNA can have an impact on whether or not we’re suited to endurance or power training and, over time, your needs and abilities will change.

For example, you may have baby weight to lose, meaning you need to take into consideration issues such as lack of sleep, breastfeeding and your body’s changing shape. Or you may have started a new job where you’re stuck at your desk most of the day and need your wearable to remind you of your fitness goals.

Goal setting does work

Being able to tailor your toning program means you can set yourself smart goals, i.e. goals that are sustainable, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed. “Having mini weekly and monthly goals will make a difference to your success,” says Ingleby. “Don’t forget that it’s important for you to celebrate your success. This might be allowing yourself to indulge by having a square of chocolate or a glass of wine, spending some time soaking in the bath with some scented candles or just taking some time out to meditate,” she adds.

You can identify lifestyle patterns more easily

“Being able to track your progress is great as it allows you to see where improvements are actually being made,” adds Ingleby. “Monitoring your fitness can also highlight your limitations and weaknesses, or let you know if problems are occurring. It’s also a good idea to keep tabs on your meal and snacking habits and to track your sleep. Identifying a pattern is the first step in creating an action plan. Only then can you start to change it,” she explains.

It’s like having your very own personal trainer

We all need support when it comes to making a change, whether it’s a physical or a mental one. Personal trainers and exercise groups work well because of the ‘nag’ factor, reminding you that you’re not alone in your efforts. One study found that personal training that includes self-assessment and then follows up with reminders helps change attitudes to exercise – meaning you’ll get more done.

Group exercise has also been shown to provide accountability, a competitive arena, encourage friendships and create a tight support system, all things that keep you motivated when it comes to getting your perfect body.

Motivating you to focus on change 24/7

“Traditional methods are also helpful for tracking how you feel in the moment, and how you aspire to feel, look and be,” explains Ingleby. “So get creative. Keep a motivational vision board and add a quote or a picture of how you’d like to look or feel to keep you inspired. Writing a journal recording your energy, mood and things you want to change is also a great way to remind you of your fitness goals and keep you focused,” she recommends.