5 fun ways to keep
you and your family fit

Here are some fitness-filled activities your children will love and that’ll allow you to stick to your own toning goals.

Get involved in a game of cricket or have a go on the monkey bars

People think that going to the park is all about lazing around on comfy blankets, nibbling on some grapes and cheese sandwiches. But with a little imagination (and willpower) you can use that time to get your family in shape.

Get your kids to invite their friends so that you can get everyone involved in a game of football or cricket – great calorie burners and a good way to shake out your arms and legs.

And you’re never too old to head to the playground. When was the last time you tried the monkey bars? It’s an effortless way to work your shoulders and your core muscles. Jump on a swing and use your legs to power you up and down. You’re working your quads and hamstrings and getting your heart rate up.

Walking can help you get more toned

Getting up and going for a walk may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s often underrated when it comes to its toning and weight loss benefits.

Use this time out with your family as an excuse to explore mountainous scenic routes that will really test your fitness levels and make you feel the burn.

Climb up hills and challenge your core stability: one hour of walking across unpredictable terrains will really help give your glutes a workout.

Race your kids on the bike track

Cycling is great in so many ways: it’s an easy, low-impact cardiovascular workout that really tones and tightens your legs and bum. If you have younger children, stay safe and find somewhere flat and car-free like a lake or a park.

Once your children get older (and stronger) you can get a little more adventurous and challenge them to a mountain bike trail or even a race.

5 fun ways to keep you and your family fit

Use the beach as a workout space

Soaking up the sun while reading a book sounds lovely, but kids get restless – this moment of bliss isn’t going to last.

Beachcombing – an activity whereby you search the sand for things such as shells or fossils – allows you to scale the breadth of the coastline and climb over rocks as you walk along the beach, a great way to clock up your daily steps and give your legs a good workout.

And finally, just go and take a dip in the sea. Cold water is known to boost the immune system, and swimming is a great way to activate your core and improve your flexibility.

And if it’s raining then there’s just as much fun to be had indoors…

If you wake up to bad weather then why not organize an activity day at a leisure center? Let your kids splash around in the fun pools while you set out to do some lengths (you can burn up to 250 calories by doing 20 minutes of breaststroke).

Indoor wall climbing is another fantastic way to get in a full-body workout. Have a go to work your arms, back, abdominal and leg muscles all at once.

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