Behind the scenes with Slendertone: real users, real success stories

Take a closer, behind-the-scenes look at the real Slendertone users and their incredible results at the heart of our brand new site and campaign, dedicated to helping more people look and feel their very best in their everyday lives.

In September, we met some amazing people who wanted a new challenge

In an underground studio in Bermondsey, London, we interviewed over 20 people about their active (and not so active) lifestyles. Naturally, everyone had their own personal goals, from improving body confidence to getting fitter with a more focussed exercise routine.

In the end, we picked 4 people with 4 very different training targets. New mum Elizabeth wanted her pre-baby body back, while Rowly wanted to lose a little bit of weight by being more active in his busy working week.

Joanne wanted to tone her abs and boost fitness, but Antoine, who spends long hours behind a desk, needed to improve his posture by strengthening his core.

We challenged these 4 amazing people to change the way they look, feel and move in 6 weeks, using a Slendertone abs belt with regular exercise and healthy eating (not to mention some guidance from a personal trainer).

6 weeks later, we shot and recorded their incredible results

Every week our real users sent vlogs, photos and training diaries documenting their unique journeys, but it wasn’t until we met again, 6 weeks later, that we learnt the true impact that their new routine.

Shooting on location in their homes and local haunts, their transformations were so much more than simply physical.

Rowly, who shed 10.2kg (22.5 pounds) and 4 inches (10cm) off his waist, beamed: “My abs are much firmer and my general body confidence is as if I’m in my 20s again.” He has the six pack now to prove it.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, lost 5.5kg (12 pounds) and reduced her waistline by 3 inches (7.5cm). She also improved her core strength and tripled her plank endurance, a truly remarkable achievement merely months after childbirth.

“I wouldn’t have believed that in just 6 weeks I’d be back to my pre-pregnancy size with only healthy eating, moderate exercise and using the Slendertone abs belt,” Elizabeth concluded.

These inspirational stories and results had a huge impact on our crew as well

After seeing the belts and talking to our real users, it didn’t take long for our creative contributors to start using Slendertone.

Our makeup artist, Natalie, toned at every shoot while Carel, our photographer and cameraman, has already completed a 6-week Slendertone programme, to help prep for his upcoming ultra-marathon.

Copywriter James and freelance photographer Carl (who reshot the Slendertone range with the help of stylist Daisy) are starting their own programmes too. Don’t worry – we’ll share their journeys with you soon.

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