The Ab Workout With No Extra Time Required

The biggest obstacle for most people when they set about trying to achieve a goal is time. This is particularly relevant when it comes to fitness and exercise. Yes, you’d love to have an hour or more to spend in the gym a few times a week - but there’s work, there are commitments like children, homework, dinners to make, etc. The reality is, unless you’re super organised, or are continually determined to prioritise exercise, it can fall by the wayside. That’s where Slendertone comes in.

“I think that Slendertone is a great tool for kick-starting a healthier, active lifestyle, because a stronger core gives you much more energy. And, most importantly, it’s very discreet under clothing, meaning that I can tone anywhere, including while sitting behind my desk.” - Joanne, runner

Tone Your Abs Anytime, Anywhere

With Slendertone, you can tone your abs anytime, anywhere. New mums wear it while they’re out walking with their baby, or doing chores around the house. Office workers use the belt for 30 minutes while working at their desk, athletes use it between workouts to further strengthen their abs. For a lot of people, the perfect time to ‘Slendertone’ is in the evening, watching TV, or when getting dinner ready; for others, it’s the work commute or while walking the dog. Although we don’t recommend using the belt when undertaking strenuous exercise, pre and post workout is the ideal time to give your abs that extra push.

“The belt is so easy to use. I can tone while I’m doing light exercise and household chores. I’ve already noticed that my abdominal muscles feel firmer too.” - Elizabeth, new mum

Your Ab Toning Partner - Feel it Working

Whatever you happen to be doing in the moment, Slendertone won’t interfere with your day. From new mums looking to tone up postnatally (which can work wonders), the body conscious who want that extra definition around their abs, Slendertone is your perfect partner for keeping your midsection trim and toned.

Drop the Guilt, Pick Up a Slendertone

Of course, it’s always recommended to use Slendertone along with a healthy diet and additional exercise to ensure optimum results. For many people, a few small changes to their diet and lifestyle can make a really big difference to the body (and mind). So, you really can get the toned tummy you’ve always dreamed of.

“I actually look forward to using the belt every day.” - Joanne

With Slendertone, there are no guilt trips for missed gym classes. In fact, putting on your belt and feeling it do its work while you get on with your day or evening, is truly enjoyable. So, say ‘goodbye’ to off days and get toning with Slendertone.