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Slendertone Bottom Toner without Controller* is the secret to a sculpted and lifted Bottom & Back of Thighs when you already have a compatible Slendertone controller (e.g. from Slendertone Abs7 Toning belt or Slendertone Arms Toner). If you already don't have a compatible controller, please check our Bottom Toner with Controller or our exclusive bundles.

Using clinically proven EMS technology to exercise your back of thighs and bottom, Slendertone Bottom will help you achieve a perky, firm and uplifted shape from just 6 Weeks.

Featuring 4 Toning Programmes and 99 Intensity levels, there is a programme to suit all needs and feel the thighs and booty burn. Relaxing, doing house chores or catching up on emails – now you can train your Bottom at the same time!

Using clinically proven EMS technology to exercise your back of thighs and bottom, Slendertone Bottom will help you achieve a perky, firm and uplifted shape from just 6 Weeks.

*Rechargeable controller is sold separately.

Bottom Toner Without Controller


4 programmes
Beginner (15 min), Intermediate (20 min), Advanced (25 min) and Expert (30 min).
With all programmes you can tone your bottom while reading, relaxing, doing house chores or catching up on emails.

99 intensity levels
Levels ranging from 0-99, maximum intensity levels vary depending on the programme selected.

Rechargeable controller not included


UK Women's Size: 6-12
Waist: 24-32 inches (61-81cm)
Hips: 32-38 inches (81-97cm)
Hand-washable (remove pads and electronics before cleaning and allow to dry naturally)

Included in the box:
Slendertone Bottom Toner
One pack of gel pads
Quick-start guide
Instruction manual
Please note that the rechargeable handheld controller and the plug-in controller charger are sold separately.

Packed with features

Compatible with Abs7 and/or Arms toners
4 toning programmes
99 intensity levels
Tones Glutes and Back of Thigh Muscles

15 Minute introductory toning programme designed for first time EMS users

20 Minute moderate training session for users more accustomed to EMS toning

25 Minute more challenging programme which uses more demanding pulse parameters to tone, firm and strengthen the bottom muscles

30 Minute most powerful and challenging programme for expert EMS users to further develop muscle strength, tone and to help shape your bottom

Which Muscles are targeted?

Gluteus Maximus

Largest glute muscle which makes up the shape of the hips

Gluteus Medius

Functional glute muscle that helps with movement at hip joint

Gluteus Minimus

Smallest glute muscle which main function is hip stabilization

Back of Thighs

Hamstring muscle at the back of the thigh which is responsible for hip and knee movements

Clinically Proven Results

When used 5 times per week across 6 weeks, clinical research, led by Dr John Porcari at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, concluded:

88% of users reported that their bottom muscles felt firmer.
83% reported that their bottom muscles felt more toned.
67% reported that their bottom felt more uplifted.
58% reported that their bottom felt more shapely.
67% reported that their Jeans fit better.

For full details and research papers see our clinical research page.

How it works

Use Slendertone products 20-30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, for the best results.

Slendertone products, which are manufactured to medical standards, use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to mimic regular exercise, resulting in stronger, firmer and more toned muscles.

The Bottom Toner exercises the three most important muscles for the bottom - gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (and not only those underneath the pads)

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