Ab Toning Belt Gel Pads - 6 Pack

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Our medical-grade gel pads are essential for you to get the most out of every toning session by evenly distributing muscle-stimulating pulses for optimum comfort and toning efficiency.

We recommend replacing them every 20-30 sessions. 

Compatible with all of our Abs belts, including Abs 3, Abs 5, Abs 8, Evolve Abs, Connect Abs.

Save £54 when you buy a 6-pack versus individual packs. 

Ab Toning Belt Gel Pads - 6 Pack

Clinically Proven Results

49% average increase in abdominal strength experienced by all users from 4 weeks.
3.5cm average reduction in waistline size experienced by all users after 8 weeks.
77% of users felt more positive about their shape after 8 weeks.

For full details and research papers see our clinical research page.

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