Abs&Core Plan


Slendertone partners with Gady, the famous French coach, for a bespoke programme to be followed wearing the Slendertone ab toning belt: Abs&Core Plan.

This abdominal programme lasts 6 weeks and enables you to gradually switch to a new lifestyle and consequently obtain good results throughout the year. Its secret? The magic triangle: sport, a balanced diet and the Slendertone toning belt! This programme will give you a new lease of life, becoming an integral part of your daily routine and ensuring you’ll be in great shape, in the best of health, and with a trimmer waistline!

Abs&Core Plan


Every week with the six-week Abs&Core Plan you'll have:
The coach’s tips to help psyche yourself up for the coming days.
A series of fitness exercises designed by Gady Coach that you’ll undertake wearing the Slendertone electrical muscle stimulation belt.
A nutritional plan with great recipe ideas and examples to complete your routine.
A monitoring table to follow your progress, week by week.
This action plan changes week by week to help you obtain significant visible results at the end of the six-week programme.


Abs&Core Plan comprises: your six-week nutritional and exercise programme (PDF format), designed in collaboration with Gady Coach.
Belt not included.